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Focused Priorities

If elected, I will focus on these priority areas in the next term of City Council.  But I want to hear from you, what matters to you, how do these priorities fit with your needs and wants from the City of Thunder Bay?

My goal is to listen, not to tell you what needs to be done or how we're going to do it.  I value teamwork and collaboration.  All too often politicians tell you their plans without listening to you, the taxpayer.  We will not always agree but I will always have your back.  Together, we will build a community that lives up to its full potential and I will fight every day to ensure everyone is valued and has a fair chance to succeed.

Value for Taxpayer Dollars

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My experience in Public Procurement and Supply Chain allows me to have a much better understanding on how to ensure value for dollars spent, by asking the right questions when reviewing tenders and expenditures.


Share with me what you see as important and how we can ensure value for dollars that the municipality spends.

Quality of Life

How is Quality of Life important to you, your family and your friends?  Share with me below what you want to see from our city over the next 4, 8, 15 or even 50 years.  Thinking big helps us define planning for the future.  

What's your perfect Thunder Bay?  

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Equity in Service Delivery

Ensuring that everyone has a fair chance at success means that we must view decision making from an equity lens.  What issues are most important to you that ensures Equity in the services the City delivers to taxpayers?

Unlocking Economic Growth

Ensuring we have sustainable, long term economic growth will unlock our full potential with increased revenues, new small businesses and the ability to keep your taxes low. 

Share with me how you see growing our population, small businesses, and large commercial industry will support growth in Thunder Bay.  This in turn supports keeping your taxes as low as possible all while still maintaining, expanding services and growing our city.

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